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Time Management

One of the most repeated phrases you will hear in offices is "we don't have enough time“to which, the answer is “work harder”. This program helps you work smarter instead by building a long term vision and short term goals. After identifying the right ladder, participants learn how to climb it quickly by managing their day better. From simple tools like making to do list; to taking breaks, the program inculcates lifelong habits.

A common statement we often hear from people is “I don’t have time”. Some may even state that ‘24 hrs is not enough for me’. The problem could be either that an individual is handling too many tasks by himself/herself not knowing which one to do first or an individual is not able to prioritize his her tasks or work schedules for the day. Both of these signify a lack of effective time management.

Time management is an effective tool when learnt and implemented can help us organize our work and other life activities accordingly. Without managing time, we may end up handling too many things at a time and finally find that none of the tasks or work we spent time on was completed or was done efficiently. This program is designed with time management strategies and tools that can help you manage time effectively and facilitate in getting your work done aptly.

  • Enhance personal effectiveness
  • Improve organizational productivity
  • Align to goals for higher business impact
  • Reduce stress
Program Outline
  • Visioning and goal setting
  • Building strategies (ladders)
  • Self talk and procrastination
  • Understanding time busters
  • Creating time and space
  • Getting organized
  • Enhancing conviction and assertiveness
This program is available in a one day and a two day format