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My whole perspective on leadership changed after having been coached by Akash. I have improved so much on my inter-personal skills and I know what it is to think like a leader. I understand that to be an effective leader, I explicitly need to be developed as a coach.
- A senior executive coached by Akash
I have always struggled to motivate my team to get the work done. When we went through the leadership program it really helped me learn strategies that can motivate my team and help them achieve their set goals. Actually I have attended many workshops. But you guys are really really different. The follow up stuff is important and you did it so well. And as I said, follow up is more important than the workshop itself.
- Participant for leader as Coach program
Building consensus was a tough task in our organization. Hiring a professional facilitator was a great decision. It helped in building consensus that in turn made our planning session worthwhile.
- Vice President (IT) of an ITES company on our facilitation services
Our business review meetings wouldn't have been successful without TOA's help. Thanks a lot for your intervention and continual support.
- Senior Manager - Media Company on our facilitation services
Akash's attitude in working with diverse teams helped us learn something from him. As a cross-cultural coach, he helped us refine our sensitiveness when working with a diverse workforce.
- Project Manager (Central Europe), A European IT company
Akash's facilitation style is extremely engaging. His leadership knowledge, techniques and strategies has helped me in developing the leadership program initiative for my company.
- Learning and Development Head, A European Bank
If I have to point out one important thing from this whole program, I should say it is a personal transition which helped me change the very dimension in business organization and achieve success.
- CEO of an IT company on our Leader as Coach Program
This program helped us to identify the road blocks to success. It helped to realize how people are crucial for achieving successful business goals. We redefined our relationships with people and the way that impacted our business is one of the greatest results.
- Senior Architect, an IT company
Akash has been an effective facilitator when solving complex business problems of the company. His critical and strategic observations helped us to stay focused, make appropriate action plans, clarify goals and be committed in executing them. Really liked the mind map and the brainstorming exercise. It was fun!
- Senior Project Manager, A construction company on strategy workshop facilitation
I have worked with your coaches for past 2 yrs and I can say that they have contributed a lot in building my leadership skills and fostering change.
- An industry leader coached by Strengthscape
Executive coaching from Strengthscape helped me to develop my company from regional to national level. It was insightful from the word go. I still use the visuals we created. This is what is called sustained intervention
- Senior management professional coached by The Strengthscape
I have always been results and 'word hard' motto when it came to my sales team. Akash's sales coaching helped me change my old paradigms and I realized that emotional connect was the essence.
- Sales head of an IT Products company on sales coaching
Really enjoyed the discovery session. The stuff around networking and morality was cool The Strengthscape's coaching program is holistic in nature. It has helped us change our paradigms, perspectives, working behaviors and attitudes and drove us more towards fulfilling our professional and personal goals.
- Assistant Vice President of a multinational bank coached by Akash
As a HR head I have never seen teams so motivated, focused and results oriented. Executive coaching is no similar to other training programs which we usually have. Thanks TOA for making this program contribute to our organizational success.
- HR head, a start up in e commerce on our leadership program for middle level managers
By working with your coach on a one-one basis, I honestly was able to reflect myself which helped me know the areas that required change. With the kind of ethical dilemmas I had, non-judgmental attitude and empathy is something unique about this engagement and that helped me take feedback positively.
- General Manager (Materials) of a manufacturing unit coached by TOA
During the greatest transition period of my life, Strengthscape equipped me adequately to face the new challenges by using reflective techniques and make right decisions that resulted in improved outcomes.
- Coaching client, Strengthscape
Each workshop we had was filled with fun and activities which helped us to remember our learning well. I am sure we still have a fresh memory of everything we learnt as a team as these workshops kept us engaged till the end. Follow up interactions and tele-calls were helpful
- Participant, Leadership intervention at a leading IT company
By working with your coach, I realized how understanding human behavior is the key to business success. Otherwise we will always be playing the name the blame game without understanding people's strengths, potential, motivation and taking responsibility.
- Assistant manager in a startup company
Without you Orange, it wouldn't be possible to bring about an effective transition in the organization. His powerful insight on organizational restructuring and people management has been exceptional. He is an excellent coach, reality facilitator and idea generator.
- Marketing Manager, a captive IT unit
You helped us know that creating an environment of trust and integrity was the essential to our success. My take away - being a coach is more important than being a manager. I highly recommend his coaching program for all business leaders.
- Senior Architect on our leader as coach program
Super stuff! Thanks a lot for your fun filled event. Extremely professional, unique and enjoyable customizing to our industry needs.
- Participant, team building event
Your team building activities really broke the ice and helped us know each other well which otherwise would have been difficult. Thanks a ton.
- Participant, team building event
Pretty eclectic - Never seen a mix of outdoor and indoor brings out learning and fun so well before. We really couldn't have formed a team with such diverse opinions. I loved the rope thing. You engaged us completely. It helped us really appreciate our divergent views.
- Participant, team building event
This was a game changer. Thanks so much because you helped us to know how we to work as a team and do our work with fu. Will try to apply the techniques you taught us through team building activities.
- Participant, team building event
Total masti!! I really came out of my shell. Your team building activities facilitated me to open up from my introvert nature.
- Participant, team building event