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Organizational Goal Setting

Many organizations find it a challenge to motivate their employees work towards the set goals and they are aware of the fact why? Because the personal goals of the employees do not align with the organizational goals, they are different. How does the organization motivate its employees so that they align with the organizational goals?

Organizational goal setting is one of components that can drive employees perform better.

Challenging goal setting is observed as one of the most effective motivational tools that affect the performance of the employees in the organization. It helps the employees have clarity regarding the work that needs to be accomplished, make essential planning, keep focus, take responsibility, make conscious efforts instead going about everyday tasks with uncertainty or ambiguity.

According to Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum

"Goal setting is the process of specifying desired outcomes toward which individuals, teams, departments, and organizations will strive and is intended to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness"

Goal setting is essential when working in teams as well. It helps in delegating tasks to each member of the team and work together to accomplish the team’s goal. This serves well for the organization too because it is very functionality how an organization works. It helps an organization to formulate plans, delegate work to teams and assess and control activities.

Apart from setting challenging goals that can motivate employees, organizations should also consider two other important factors that can help employees stay focused on organizational goals. They are: timely feedback and genuine rewarding.

Feedback system is no more an optional way of organizational functioning. It is essential component to help the employees know regarding their work. However, honest feedback should never be of criticizing kind, rather inspiring, motivating, positive and appreciable. Secondly, genuine rewarding is crucial as well. Hard work and efforts when recognized through monetary rewards or awards serves as a motivational factor to help employees stay focused on organizational goals and strive towards achieving them.

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