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Neuroscience of Coaching

Coaching as a process is to a large extent relates to the changes one desires for oneself. An "inside- outside" approach is what defines the way coaching functions. For this, the most pivotal aspect is for the coached to understand and feel the need for change. For neuroscience, change is a new experience, a new connection in the brain. There are several theories about the brain being slow and not able to take up any newer and livelier tasks after a certain age due to the element of stagnation.

Latest research in neuroscience has shown that the brain has extraordinary capacity to change at all ages. A capability now named neuroplasticity; it has validated that the brain is programmed to change at all ages. New experience, focused attention and conscious effort can help the process of change.

How a human brain works

They are numerous methods in which a brain can store and process information. The options are unlimited for how experience, learning and information might be coded in the brain. A new thought or experience leads to a new set of connections in the brain. Some of the information, over some time, through constant thought and application gets "hardwired" in the brain. When the neurons fire together through a certain map, repeatedly, they tend to get hard wired.

Conversely, the neurons that do not fire together, do not wire together. What this means is that when we donĀ“t think a certain thought or experience an activity for some time, the wiring or connection of the concerned neurons tends to weaken over a period of time. The brain is continually looking for optimizing its connections and trying to make the best use of permutations and combinations of connections it can possibly make.

Imagine a dancer trying her steps after a gap of 10 years? She would most certainly look a little out of practice. One of the prime reasons as stated by researches is that, she has through the years, lost the natural ability in her rhythm. This is because there has not been much wiring and firing in her brain to connect her with her physical dexterity. So, it would take her a while before she gets into the flow of naturalness.

Coaching and Insight

Coaching is all about rhythmically moving towards insights which makes one a better individual and then hardwiring them for self progress. Studies have authenticated that coaching helps an individual create positive connections (read insights) for better growth and also assist in hardwiring them so that it becomes the most valuable long term asset.

Remarkable insights happen when one goes through the process of exploring and experiencing. Coaching helps one gain those valuable insights in the areas of their choice. Hardwiring as a process is the result of self integrity, focused attention and repetitive action. That is why majority of our coaching sessions are about "combat"! During the process of evolving, as we (the coached and the coach) get new insights, we convert them into action which helps hardwire the insight!