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Negotiation Skills

Everything is negotiable. Be it some trivial workplace issue or a big business contract, negotiations are a part of everyday life. This program helps you understand why some agreements fail to sustain while others do. Learn how to identify, create and build win win agreements through a step by step approach in a fun filled workshop.

Is negotiation a positive trait? Or does it display some kind of demanding spirit? Of course not! Each one of us negotiate in our social, professional and business lives. Whether we realize it or not we face situations that demand negotiation. Negotiation is an important skill that needs to be appropriately used. Some may consider themselves as born negotiators. However, how does our negotiation skills impact business, professional or even personal relationships do matter. Inability to negotiate well may either result in loss or affect business/professional relationships.

In this program you will be exposed to some of the process, strategies and methodologies of negotiations. You will be trained as how you can arrive at win-win situations by positively affecting the business and professional relationships. This program is designed to meet both organizational and individual needs with required tactics and supportive tools for negotiation that can improve individual and business performance, yield results and profitability.

  • Arm the participants to establish sustainable agreements in everyday work life by successfully creating win -win situations.
  • Enhance both internal and external customer service performance
  • Build sustainable relationships with partners, colleagues and vendors to deliver astounding business results.
Program Outline
  • The importance of competent negotiation
  • Steps in negotiations
  • Setting your objectives and planning for negotiation
  • Defining and arriving at win win
  • How to recognize bargaining styles; Adversarial and Cooperative
  • Deadlocks, standstills and concessions
  • Verbal and non verbal communication
  • Closing and sustaining agreements
This program is available in a one day and a two day format