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Coaching Methodology

DANCE model, propounded by Strengthscape has been one of the most powerful models towards bringing deep-seated changes in an individual. The model by definition epitomizes innovation, fun, coordination, physical dexterity and also gives an individual the zest to move ahead, step by step.

The numerous results of this model has been very inspiring, both for the coach and the coached.

In the DANCE model, we look at a step-by-step process that would help individuals experience the transition from awareness level to levels of immense performance and satisfaction.

An overview of the DANCE model


It becomes impossible for us (the coach and the coached) to have a fruitful outcome of the coaching session, if we do not make great effort in having clarity on the needs and expectations of the client. Therefore, in this session, we become very clear of the purpose of the session. This is the session when both the coached and the coach sit together and discover the facets of the cube that the client wants and needs to work upon. This is a step-by-step progress and thereby has been broken down into sub phases - mining, defining and refining. The Discovery session gives the one being coached the understanding of the process of coaching and also makes them concretize on their goals for coaching.


This step deals with facilitating the self awareness levels of the coached through a series of high gain questions and world class psychometric tests. This aids the coached to understand their dilemmas much better and thereby helps them walk towards positive transition in an enlightened and focused manner. Awareness sessions are customized to suite the needs of the organization and the individual.

New Strategy

The second step looked at, the coached and the coach move towards strategizing the path to achieving goals. This progression assists the coached to refine their strategies and propels them towards to well prioritized goals and clear action points. Strategy session helps the coached to create a balance scorecard to prioritize their goals and a dashboard to monitor everyday achievement.


At this step, the coached launches definitive action towards progress and witnesses drastic changes by taking huge action and also learns through personal insights. Combat is about taking huge action, in the direction of the goals set in during earlier steps.

Elevate and Acknowledge

All the steps completed, the coached individual elevates to a different level altogether and starts harnessing his potential towards greater heights of achievement. In the process of progress, the individual celebrates success and also makes it a point to acknowledge the organization and team through better performance and relationships. For further information and understanding on our coaching process and our coaches, please do feel free to write to us.