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Business review meetings happen in almost all kinds of organizations periodically (i.e. quarterly, half yearly and yearly). The very purpose of such meetings is to review progress made against the set goals, corrective action to be taken and consensus building for effective implementation. However, these kinds of business review meetings often fail because people in the group-

  • find it difficult to align their thought processes,
  • are focusing on irrelevant issues,
  • are not able to arrive at a consensus even after hours of discussion,
  • have biases which makes it difficult to arrive at good decisions
  • exhibit dynamics which prevents everyone from making useful contributions to the meeting.

It has been observed that a neutral facilitator when used for business operations like as business review meetings or any other meetings can help the group in overcoming group dynamics and interpersonal issues; and stay on track.

Using a well-qualified and experienced facilitator not only helps the group remain focused but also facilitate critical thinking, creative thinking, clarification of values and goals, adopting of different perspectives, etc. Since the facilitator is not the part of the organization, he is able to ensure that

  • sensitive issues of the meeting is addressed (without any personal reference),
  • relevant agenda items are discussed,
  • strategic plans are converted into actions,
  • full participation from the members of the meeting takes place and
  • the meeting time and process is maintained.

The very role of the facilitator is to make sure that the objectives of the business review is met and is effective. A facilitator being an outsider is able to view things objectively right from the members of the business review, the business review process and the organization. Due to the presence of an outside facilitator, it is unlikely for domination to occur in a meeting while genuine concerns of the members are considered. A facilitator enables smooth and effective running of business meetings by maintaining ground rules and keeping time.