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Coaching, in the simplest words, can be defined as the attempt by the coach to make a person realize and bring about the true potential of a person. The ultimate goal of coaching is to empower someone to ensure that he/she excels in her performance. In workplace coaching, the employee is provided with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to be an effective performer. Coaching benefits the employee which in turn will help the organization to attain its goals.The practice of coaching is relatively young but is a big success across the globe. Hence, it is not surprising that more and more organizations are welcoming the practice whole-heartedly.

The conventional “command and control” technique does not seem to be working anymore in the organizations. The new era of workplace needs an approach to ensure creativity and excellent performance from resilient employees. It is also found that the skill to coach is a core competency of a leadership and management. Successful coaching empowers the employees with the ability of quick response to the rapid changes occurring in the business world. Finally, the training provided to the employees will last longer with an effective coaching accompanied with it.

A specialized unit of coaching is executive coaching, which is the practice of coaching, usually, high potential employee in order to help them with attaining a deeper understanding of the problems the organization as a whole is facing, unleash their potential, hit the goals and understand oneself better. An executive coach is not responsible for solving the client’s problems, but correct irrational assumptions. They refrain from giving advise as well. Companies often hire executive coach as an investment in their top executives.

Strengthscape an executive coaching and leadership development firm based in India, delivers services like executive coaching, leadership training and mentoring services to clients within the country and across the globe. With a capable work team of 25 professional coaches we employ scientifically proven activities and techniques to help our clients grow.We assure you that our coaching program will result in you yielding the individual as well as the organizational benefits promised by an effective coaching process.

We employ a unique approach to coaching called the DANCE methodology which has been developed by Strengthscape’s team of certified coaches. The method ensures holistic, long lasting positive results on the coach and the coached. The model attempts to instill qualities of coordination, cooperation, motivation, and self-determination in an individual. Here is an overview of the model.


is the first step of coaching, using the DANCE model, in which the coach and the coachee sit together to identify a mutually agreed upon purpose of the coaching journey.


is aimed at enhancing the self-awareness of the coachee with the use of some questions and psychometric tests. The tools used are customized according to the need of the clients. It helps in understanding the gap between where the client is and where he/she /they want(s) to be.

New strategy

is the step at which the coach and the coached develop new or fine existing strategies to achieve the goals at a reasonable rate.

The strategies are executed, and the progress is witnessed at the Combat stage.

The final stage of Elevate and Acknowledge is when the steps are completed, and the coached starts yielding the benefits of coaching and celebrates the success achieved by it. He or she acknowledges the organization and the team through better performance and relationship.The use of activities, exercises and worksheets and constructive feedback is an important component of the DANCE methodology that makes the coaching journey interactive and developing.